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Thien Duong Xanh Cemetary – Hoa Binh

In this project, we have proposed to applied the lastest technology in this field to ensure cost effective to client and also maintain clean environmental and nice fonshui situation in this area. All the constructions in the project are design in Oriental style and conform with Vietnamese’s religious traditional.

General Information
Performance Date:  August 2012

Total Area: 168 ha

Total Investment Cost: 690 billion VND

Project Owner: Thien Duong Xanh – Hoa Binh Investment Jsc.

Project Location: Yen Mong – Hoa Binh

Scope of service

-          Site survey and soil investigation

-          1/500 Scale Planning

-          Basic Design

-          Prepare project investment report

Perspective CG from Design Document

Ảnh 1: Quy hoạch sử dụng đất của dự án

Ảnh 2: Cảnh quan khu vực bao gồm bảo tháp và hồ Ngọc

Ảnh 3: Đền Trình dự án

Ảnh 4: Nhà Tang Lễ

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