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Thanh Nam and Arep Ville cooperated in designing the 68M route – Ha Nam boulevard 1/500 scale in Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province

Arep Ville is one of the leading in architectural design group in French that established in 1997. Their main areas specializing in consultancy design urban and regional development and construction planning. During their development career in Vietnam, Arep cooperated with Thanh Nam in many strategic projects.

Ha Nam boulevard with total length 11km, is considered to be the driving force of main economic development in general of Ha Nam province and in particular of Phu Ly city that linking all the important functional zones at regional level (such as industry zone, education center, high quality health care center, trade services and finance zone…).

Ha Nam boulevard was divided into sections and arranged according to different design ideas, creating a new and modern urban appearance for Ha Nam.

In the master plan, Thanh Nam and Arep jointly proposed the plan and was approved by the province, dividing Ha Nam boulevard into six segments, creating a spacious appearance, worthy area. The model of green park stretches along the route, creating harmony and connecting sustainably with natural landscape.

In the near future, it is certain that with the speedful of urbanization, the city will become a satellite city of Hanoi as planned to build the capital city of Hanoi by 2030 year and the vision to 2050 year that was approved by the Prime Minister, contributing to improve the country's surface.

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