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Designing residential area of Thong Nhat lake of Hiep Hoa dist, Bac Giang province

The area and population of the Thong Nhat Lake area is important not only for Thang town but also for the whole of Hiep Hoa district, which will have a strong impact on the area and the surrouding areas.

The planning area will become the center of Hiep Hoa District and is the architectural highlight of the district center. To organize trade and service building in service of procurement demands in support of administrative and political functions, thus creating the motive force for socio-economic development in the region, which attracts investment capital sources and orientations in the future with the ideal housing for the community.

Name of project: Office and residential area of ​​Thong Nhat lake

Investor’s representative : Hiep Hoa dist’s Economic and Infrastructure Department

Consultant company: Thanhnam Consultant and Construction JSC

Scale of project: 10.4 ha.

Scope of services: Planning consultancy.

Design time: September 2017

Perspective of the project

The project’s plan contributes to the landscape of the study area: the spaciousness and modernity of public spaces, the vibrant pace of the adjoining commercial houses or the close cheer of preschool and colorful parks and gardens will all create an image of a new urban area connected to the existing area.

General layout and tree layout

Road boundaries and project construction

Project approving decision


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