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Hoang Anh Residential Project

Dien bien is a small city in the North West of Vietnam, total area of the city is only 60km2 and it’s population is only 75.000. This project is a very first project of private capital investment urban development in the city. The project is settle on the side of romatic Nam Rom river and near to historical place of Dien Bien Phu area.

General Information
Performace Date: February 2012
Total area: 30.26 ha
Investment Cost: 700 billion VND.
Project Owner: Hoang Anh Investment Jsc.

Scope of services:
  + Master Planning
  + Basic design and Prepare project investment report
  + Detail design of the project infrastructure
  + Principle design of construction within project which including villa, street house, service facilities…

Below is images extracted from the planning document.

Perspective View of Project

Night Views

Public and Commercial Construction

CG Animation of the project:
Public Article related to the projects :

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