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Bim Son- Thanh Hoa Industrial Zone

VID Thanh Hoa decided to invest more than 300 hecta in Bim Son Thanh Hoa. The Industrial zone is called for various sector of industrial. Thanhnam consulting and construction is selected for master plan design, factory design and some factory for construction

1.Project data

The project is devided into 2 phases, with the 1st phase is 164 hecta included sector: Car- vehicle sector, shoe, steel manufactures, textile, mechanical, forest-wood...

   + North: adjacent to Ha Long- Ha trung commune.
   + South: C-C4 Road;
   + West: Halong Commune
   + East: No1A high way

2. Thanhnam services

 - Master planning 1/200
 - project investment
 - Design for technical infrastructure and factories
 - Construction for some factories

3. Images of project

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