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West Westlake (Starlake) – One of Thanh Nam’s design project in Ha Noi

Tay Ho Tay has been considered a worthy living place with established areas such as Ciputra, Vuon Dao ..., that were built in 2002. With beautiful land, West Lake West fell into the sights of many investors all over the world and in year 2006, the West Westlake (Starlake) was officially kicked off by the investor from Korea - Deawoo E & C. The project is considered tobe the new center of Tay Ho West in particular and of Hanoi in general.


  • Project name: Tay Ho Tay urban area
  • Location: In the center of inter-district between North Tu Liem, Tay Ho and Cau Giay
  • Purpose: To develop a modern, world-class new urban area
  • Total area: 186.3ha
  • Investor: Deawoo E & C
  • Partner bank: KDB Korea pays a loan of up to 200 million USD

With the terrain located in the focus area of the city's transport development strategy:

Easy access to Ring Road 2 (Nhat Tan Bridge), Ring Road 2.5 (West of Hanoi), Ring Road 3 (Thang Long Bridge) and the future No.2 and No.4 urban railways.

Where the Government chooses to move the offices of ministries, diplomatic missions, national cultural works to, Starlake becomes the new administrative center of Hanoi, the destination of the diplomatic delegations, the cultural events and international trade.

Stages of development:
Phase 1: 114.8ha (2014 - 2019)
Phase 2: 71.5ha will be implemented when the city hand over the ground


Trusted by the investor, in 2011, Thanh Nam JSC has worked with Dowha Consultant Company (Korea) to design the technical infrastructure system of this project.

Throughout the design process, Thanh Nam has offered a lot of modern technical solutions that match the scope and vision of the project, from the overall solution to the structural elements as well as the used materials to complete it. In designing technical infrastructure system, Thanh Nam uses a lot of smart urban solutions, include using Tpizi solution designed by Thanh Nam, to create a modern urban area with modern technical solutions, advanced, safe and friendly in the future.

Thanh Nam JSC is proud to be part of the effort and wisdom to create the largest and most modern urban area in Hanoi - the place where the Government chooses to place, the headquarters of the ministries, diplomatic corps, national cultural works, turning this place into a new administrative center of Hanoi. This is a complex shopping complex with the most advanced commercial facilities in the world, typical of civilized and classy lifestyle

Project’s reality photos

QualiPro, a unit of Thanh Nam Group, continues to receive the trust of the investor tobe selected to execute 28 villas of the project in the first phase and 30 villars in the second phase.