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The general planning of Luong Son project publicize conference

With careful selection from many design and planning consultancy companies, Thanh Nam Construction Consultant JSC has been trusted by the investor - Luong Son district People's Committee and assigned the responsibility: The master plan for construction of 1 / 5,000 scale Luong Son town, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province by 2025 and a vision to 2035. Total planning area: 11,277.73 ha. In particular, Luong Son town is 1,735.14 ha; other 05 communes (Lam Son, Tan Vinh, Cu Yen, Nhuan Trach, Hoa Son) with the area of 9,542.59 ha.

The main landscapes

With the purpose of building Luong Son town and five neighboring communes (Hoa Son, Lam Son, Nhuan Trach, Cu Yen and Tan Vinh) to become the urban center of Luong Son district, modern civilization, bearing characteristics of midland and mountainous urban areas, characterized by a distinctive culture with a rational urban structure, saving land and natural resources; To build a synchronous construction and social and technical infrastructure in the direction of sustainable development and environmental protection; As a basis for upgrading Luong Son town in the period of 2025 and orientation for sustainable development for the next period.

Land use planning

On 29/11/2017, Thanh Nam Construction Consultant JCS has protected the project in the presence of leaders of relevant departments of Hoa Binh province, leaders of Luong Son district and other Representatives of communes in the district. Deputy Director Nguyen Kien, together with the head of the planning and urban area of Hai Ninh Thanh Nam successfully defended the project.

Many people interested in the project that will change their town’s appearance in the future

The meeting hall of the Liangshan District Culture Hall was crowded with attendees

The leader’s statement in the conference

Mr Nguyen Kien, Thanh Nam vice-manager stated in the conference

With a fluently and persuasively presentation, Thanh Nam's Chief of Planning, Ms Nguyen Hai Ninh has attracted all the attentions to the presentation of the project.

The conference was great successful in the joy of officials and people in Luong Son district, opening a new strategic vision for mountainous districts right at the gateway of Hanoi capital.

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