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Requirements for establish investment projects

Establish investment projects is a preparatory step for the investor to prepare the detailed steps from the basic design, the site clearance plan, the compensation plan, the conditions comparative advantage, financial ratios, and expected revenue and capital recovery. The more detailed the investment plan is, the better the project implementation. Investors when establishing investment projects, shall themselves be responsible for approving the total investment and their investment process. However, the State shall monitor the investment process.

Establish investment projects

1. The necessary and the purpose of investment: construction site, land use requirements and other input factorials.

Describe the size and area of the construction project, the items of works including main works, auxiliary works and other works; Analyze and select the technical plan, technological and capacity.

Implemented solutions include:

Ground clearance plan, resettlement and technical infrastructure support plans, if any;
Architectural design plan for urban and require architectural project;

Provide the approved detailed design 1/500 plan

Provide the plan for project exploitation and employment;

Implementation phases, implementation schedule and project management plan.

Environmental Impact Assessment, fire and explosion prevention and combat measures and requirements on security and defense.

2. Total investment of the project: capital arrange ability, capital and ability to arrange fund according to schedule; Analyzing the economic and social effectiveness of the project.

3. Basic design:

The contents of the basic design of the project must show the main design solution, satisfying the conditions for determining the total investment and implementing the subsequent design steps, including instructions and design drawings.

The basic design statement is presented separately or presented on the drawings to explain the design with the following principal contents:

Curtail design tasks; Curtailly describe the relationship of the work with construction plan in the area; natural conditions data, load and impact; List of using rules and regulations.

Technology Instructions: Curtailly introduction about the technological plan and technological diagrams; List of technological equipment and mainly technical parameters related to construction design.

Picture: A hotel in Duong Noi new urban area - Establish investment projects and design by Thanh Nam Construction Consulting JSC

4. Construction instruction:

+ General information about the general site: curtailly introducing the characteristics of total ground, elevation and construction coordinates; technical infrastructure and connection points; land use area, construction area, green area, construction density, land use coefficient, level the land geodetic height and other necessary contents.

+ Technical section: briefly introducing the geological features of the project, the plan for reinforcing the foundation, major bearing structures, technical systems and technical infrastructure of the works, leveling, land excavation backfill work and the list of software used in the design;

briefly introducing about the fire fighting and environmental protection plan

+ Estimated amount and the device of the project to calculate the total investments and the construction time.

5. Basic design drawings include:

Technological drawings showing technological flowcharts with main technical parameters;
Construction drawings showing the solutions of the total area, architecture solutions, structure solutions, technical system and technical infrastructure of the works with the main dimensions and masses, boundaries, Construction coordinates and altitude;

Fire fighting system drawings.

The number of Instructions and drawings of the basic design are at least 09 sets.

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