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New software technology in the design consulting industry

The fourth technological revolution has started and brought great changes for humanity. Entering the 4th Industrial Revolution requires individual and companies to quickly catch up and change if they do not want to be unemployed or bankrupt.

For the construction industry, the application of technology and software to the consulting industry is very urgent, especially in the competition of technology revolution is going on deep and deep. Businesses in general and consulting firms in particular if not catch up, will fail. High-rise buildings in Vietnam are gradually operating BIM technology in designing, constructing and management

Talking with the reporter of Construction Electronic Newspaper, Master Nguyen Anh Tuan - General Director of Thanh Nam Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company listed some software technologies for consulting business in the era of the digitalization network revolution. The first is using BIM technology in architecture and urban infrastructure design, the follow is discussions on future development technologies that will bring more effective for design consulting companies.

Overview about BIM

BIM is Building Information Management (digital information model). BIM is a technology software that uses 3D modeling to create objects, analyze objects, and transmit building information in digital form. The concept of BIM has been in the construction industry since the 1970s, but it was not until the early 2000s that technology companies developed and put into practice.

This is a fully digitized model, which is linked to the project's database, showing all spatial relationships, geometric information, size, quantity, and the material composition of components and parts of the works. BIM can be used to represent the entire life cycle of a building from designing, construction, to operation.

In the world nowaday, BIM technology is widely applied in the architecture and construction building, in designing the high-rise and the urban infrastructure system.

Using BIM in designing the high-rise

For construction and architecture industry, especially for consulting companies, BIM allows unprecedented cooperation in the design activities. BIM gives all contractors the opportunity to sit together and work on issues before the start of construction. BIM is used to design 3D models; to consult the architect to develop their own architectural models; to consult the structural architect to design structural model; to consult electrical, water, and mechanical engineer in their designing electrical, water, and air conditioning works.

There are many programs and software related to digitization in the construction industry and related to BIM, one of the most famous software is Revit. Revit is an intelligent modeling tool that supports the BIM process for architects, design engineers and contractor companies, equipment manufacturers. Revit is the dominant software in all over the world, is the product of the most famous technology company in the construction industry - Autodesk. Some consultants using BIM in architectural design, structure, electricity and water find that the speed of design increased dozens of times compared to the way they used to. This is a big step forward in developing the competitiveness of enterprises and the way a business oriented towards the future, towards sustainable development.

Recognizing the important role of BIM in the construction industry, on 22/12/2016, the Prime Minister officially promulgated the roadmap for the application of the BIM in construction, management and operation the projects, highlighting a number of ideas as follows: The State will budget allocation for propaganda, dissemination, training; develop framework training programs; encourage and incentive for using BIM companies; A specific roadmap for applicating BIM in Vietnam.

So that, applying BIM not only takes place in the world, but BIM is also aimed at modernizing the construction industry of Vietnam. The rapid application of BIM will be the driving force for the development of Vietnam's construction industry in general and the consulting industry in particular

BIM for Infrastructure Design Consultant

Using BIM technology in urban technical infrastructure designing, such as road system design, rainwater sewage system, sewage, lighting poles, green trees design... Nowaday, the application of BIM for urban infrastructure designing is not much and many design companies are using a simplified design model on Autocad. The companies in Vietnam that supply software for urban infrastructure design is Hai Hoa company and a few other companies. One of the software technologies used in the design urban and industrial infrastructure in Vietnam is Intelinfrasuite (Intelligent Infrastructural Suite).

Thanh Nam Construction Consultant JSC is a company that has designed many urbans and industrial zones infrastructure that have applied IntelInfrasuite software, this is BIM application software. Talk about IntelInfrasuite, Thanh Nam’s Deputy General Director, Mr. Vu Chi Kien, said: Some of the benefits that software brings us are digital all the designs of urban infrastructure from architect design to plan design. To imitative the urban infrastructure such as water supply and drainage systems, electricity, green trees, etc .; Self-calculation and notification the intersection of infrastructure systems; automaticaly calculation the workload; visual models and there are the interactions between all of the departments, architects, engineers that working on the same project.

In addition, the IntelInfrasuite software application speeds up the design of urban infrastructure by about 20 times, minimizing and eliminating errors. Intelinfrasuite is a technology product developed by Thanh Nam Construction Joint Stock Company for many years. When using the BIM model with the Intelinfrasuite enterprise software system, the investor is geared toward smart urbanization through complete infrastructure supervision, construction and can totally management the project through a platform technology from mobile phones, cloud data ...

It can be said that the application of BIM technology for architectural works and urban infrastructure works very effective not only for the construction industry but also specific benefits for the design consulting. Some immediate benefits can be found: Improve design efficiency, reduce errors, teamwork efficiency, and linkages between consultants, builders, and managers.

If the BIM has not implemented in consultant company, it is necessary to plan aplying it immediately. The application of science and technology may be difficult but it is your business. Remember that the application of science and technology in the digital economy, the industrial revolution 4.0 may not help your business success but if not applying science and technology the path of failure of your business is certainly.

 (Source: Construction Newspaper)

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