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Intelligent real estate project – The buyers can look at online planning when buying real estate., the great digitizing software for managing real estate projects!

In recent years, we have encountered many scandalous real estate projects when the project information is not in line with the approved plan, leading to the buyers complaining after receiving the houses. In order to avoice that situation, the solution software that provides online planning information is a great progress that make the easy facilitating for buyers to access to look for the information through computers and mobile phones.

At the same time, an important step of urban areas management and the investors are eagerly and gradually moving towards to a smart urban platform, publicizing online all the planning maps to increase business interests. In Vietnam, the first solution for visually displaying real estate online on mobile platforms, PCs ... developed by Tpizi. This solution not only helps the Owner to manage all agents, home and land products, sales, ... but also provides the Owner to manage from start to finish. and put the city into use. Tpizi also provides integrated information of real estate projects, creating links between planning maps and real estate projects tobe more and more attention.

Selling real estate on a mobile phone is so easy

For buyers,when viewing maps of real estate projects information on the website, they can look up the corresponding approved plan, find out the correct project information, status of access road, acreage or name of land plot...

The website is also a portal for buyers to contact the owner to exchange information, conduct transaction procedures. There, the person who needs to buy real estate can see the plot name, location of each plot of land so intuitive and accurate. Buyers can also find out which plots are open for sale or which plots are not traded to make the best choice. All of these activities can be done on the mobile phone.

Combined with 3D technologies, virtual reality, the website can also allows users to immerse themselves in the design space of the urban area, bringing unprecedented experience.

Technology is a useful solution for sales marketing

It is said that Tpizi is one of the few linking solutions software that bring the effective  and the link between the real estate businesses and the buyers. The solutions specially fulfill the customer in requiring for different real estate projects purchase, providing real estate information quickly, conveniently and accurately, highly appreciated by many experts, and recommendations deployed  widely.

Tpizi software tobe used in digitizing Nam Cuong - Duong Noi urban area

For more information about Nam Cuong Group’s Duong Noi urban area’s digitized at, all information on land plot is visually displayed and the demand for sale Real estate will be connected to the business department of the Group. Intelligent urban is the digitized city, application of information technology for operation, management and exploitation. software is a digitized solution for the planning, digitizing buildings for management, sales business real estate, urban exploitation is the comprehensive solution for the owner of real estate  smart products.

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