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INTELINFRA SUITE - Urban Infrastructure Design Software

In every society, the infrastructure always plays an important role in economic development. Vietnam needs to one step ahead develop the technical infrastructure, creating a driving force for economic development and regional connectivity. Thanh Nam Construction Consultancy Company, a unit of Nam Cuong Group, has successfully developed and applied the program to support the technical infrastructure design for urban and industrial areas throughout the country.

In every society, the infrastructure system plays a very important role in developing economic and political. The cost that use to build and maintain the infrastructure occupying a very large density of the national budget.

Nowaday, the infrastructure design plays a particular characteristics, especially in the socio-economic conditions of our country. Because the development is too fast and the data collected is sometimes incomplete, the management capacity does not keep up with the pace of development, which makes the planning projects often have to adjust times before being real present. In order to minimize implementation time and errors in the design process, the application of software solutions for the design of infrastructure is the most essential.

The layout of the rainwater drainage system.

Nowaday, there are a number of solutions to design infrastructure and urban planning such as Autodesk Land Desktop, Softdesk Civil 3D ... but due to the complexity and not pay attention to the level of use of Vietnamese engineers so very difficult to apply popular. Based on this fact, the authors have studied and developed software to help design the infrastructure. The basic criteria when developing software are as follows:

- High consistency, applicable to all phases of the project, data can be diversified and can be applied for all projects.

- Simple to use, suitable with all level of Vietnamese engineers, do not spend too much training time.

- Import and edit data easily and consistently

- Data can be checked to minimize errors when used.

To achieve these goals, the ideal environment for development is the use of the ObjectArx programming library. This is a programming library for developing additional objects for AutoCAD software in a Visual C ++ programming environment.

Main functions of the program

Help the engineers, the architects to plan and design infrastructure for site drawings, cross sections, material tables, data tables ... for planning and designing infrastructure records. Currently, the basic functions of the program are as follows:

a. Infrastructure design documentation

- Plotting, showing information items on the route.

- Calculate the elevation of the intermediate manholes

- Design the slope of intermediate pipe lines when controlling head altitude and pipe size.
- Drawing vertical of pipe / groove.

- Check the intersections on the pipeline and give notice to the user to adjust if necessary.
- Statistics of material and volume of excavation and embankment.

- Produce drawings in accordance with the design stages according to the needs of the users.
- Easily adjust the material used, when changing the material statistics table and can self-updating.

b. Land use planning files
- Plotting, showing information about the plots.
- Calculate the parameters used and shown on the drawing.
- Assign the usage and presentation attributes of the drawing.
- Export the drawing in accordance with the different browser stages depending on the needs of the user.
- Export statistics, land use information into Word documents, Excel to generate reports.

User interface

To be an helping software which extension to the best drawing software in the market- AutoCad, Intelinfra Suite inherit the rendering engine and excellent object management mechanism of AutoCad. The structure data of objects is uniform throughout the program, essentially as follows:

The above data structure also represents the hierarchical model and the data layers to be imported for an object on the drawing. Data is imported through dialog boxes, data is stored directly into objects in the AutoCad database.

The following are some dialog boxes for entering data for the project:

Edit data for pipeline.

The result

The drawings from the program are fully compliant with Vietnam's current drawing standards, material tables for the construction cost estimation. Here are some illustrations.

The effection of the software

Since the software to be used, Thanh Nam's ability in executing the contracts has clearly increased. Thanh Nam can complete large work in a very short time, labor productivity has increased to 2-3 times.

In recent years, Thanh Nam has applied this software in the implementation of projects such as Duong Noi NMA, Viet Han IP, Van Trung IP, Cai Gia - Cat Ba Tourism Zone ... and highly evaluated by investors.


Vertical tracking of the sewer.


Beside the infrastructure design software package, Thanh Nam Construction Consultant JSC has developed software to support the implementation of structural design records and has achieved certain results. In the coming time, Thanh Nam Construction Consultant JSC will continue to research and improve the softwareto better contant the requirements of all the job

(Posted on the Construction Newspaper on 17/11/2011)

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