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Nam Thanh Truong Urban Area – Wake up Happy Every morning

According to the design idea, the project consists of: Hoang Anh Co., Ltd Office Building, the offices for the enterprises, sports cnters, mixed services center, high-class garden houses, cinemas, kindergartens, cultural center, residential land, car parks, restaurants, banks, telecommunications. The project has a total estimated cost of nearly VND 3,000 billion, main invested by Hoang Anh Company Limited.

Master plan:

Situated on Nam Rom River side, Nam Thanh Truong new urban area just about 1km from Dien Bien Phu city center, with an area of 19ha, stretching from the end of A1 bridge to the end of Dien Bien Phu airport, in which:

Public land: 0.7 ha

Residential land: 6.4 ha

Green trees land: 2.6 ha

Land for transportation and others: 9.5 ha

According to the approved Planning Maps, beside to residential land and villas, the project also includes items such as a fitness center, mixed services center, high-class gardenhouses, movie theaters, house, culture, residential land, parking lots, restaurants, corporate offices, offices of Hoang Anh, bank ... It is known that the project has total estimated hundreds of billion, Hoang Anh Company Limited is the main investor.

Hoang Anh new urban area will make a complete difference compared to other residential areas. It is a combination of functional space, trade services, tourism, a sustainable green living environment, a modern living space but does not lose traditional values and preserve the environment.

Design an Architectural space that adapts to the natural landscape to continuously increase the value of the existing natural landscape. Based on the shape of the land plots are planned stretching and create open space, wide vision.

Modern solid ground planning, rate of hollow,reasonable in construction density has brought a harmonious design not only to ensure aesthetics but also to meet the demands of urban utility.

The urban area mainly consists of low-rise residential land including: residential land adjacent houses that adjacent to commercial buildings along the main traffic axis, single-family villas, in harmony with a suitable proportion to create a bond with the overall modern residential model associated with trade in tourism services, parks, flower gardens along the river and water space of Nam Rom River creates a friendly ecological environment.

The Adjacent Houses and Villas:

Adjacent Houses are arranged to form short blocks to create a certain route and array in the overall planning area. Especially, the townhouses combine commercial services with welcoming roofs along the main street will creat a modern and friendly space.

The villas area with modern architectural form, the outreach of the architectural details such as the welcome roof, the roof of the street, steps, balconies and architectural details must ensure consistency and extensibility relationships with adjacent houses for each functional area and for the whole area.

Green Tree System

Trees are allocated on the whole project, but mainly focused on along Nam Rom river, forming a strip of green park, especially in combination with Nam Rom river water and green park on the other side of the river will form a green core - a huge cushion that running from north to south providing value for vision as well as ensuring the environment of the landscape.

Play area for children.

The playgrounds serve different subjects in combination with cultural houses and interdisciplinary schools that become the ideal combination of everyday space for all residents.

Playground for teenagers and families

The central playground is a combination of toys, swing for children from 5-15 years, around the father is the seat for adults to watch their children.

The playground for children from 2-4 years arranged toys such as swings, swings ...

The gardens surrounding the surrounding landscape are arranged huts for people to relax


Project planning has been approved. Investors are actively implementing the project to complete in 2019.

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