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Holding the Smart urban area will help investors getting more value

Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - General Director of Thanh Nam Construction Consulting Joint Stock Company shares some contents related to the concept and the way to form a smart and creative urban.

By cooperation with TPIZI.COM Software Engineering Co, the planning and the designs of Thanh Nam are digitized and transmitted on the Internet platform for management, administration from urban construction, sales and management. With the development of the 4.0 technology revolution, with the application of solutions to urban investors, buildings and software of TPIZI will be the solution to help many investors to have a major competitive advantage in Vietnam real estate market.

What’s the smart and creative urban? 

In the era of digital and the Industrial Revolution 4.0, your job is not just the data but it needs to be digitized and use the internet to manage and tobe used in an effectively way.

Nowaday, the smart and creative cities need to have comprehensive solutions to apply information technology for all urban activities such as: urban infrastructure management, traffic management, system lighting, urban asset management, etc. In addition, while creating a new software, a shared platform, the application of information technology and connectivity will help urban managers and urban residents to resolve works effectively.

Imagine about a creative city
A smart and creative urban area should include a number of factors such as digitized databases, energy efficiency balances, safe and fresh environment, and first of all is worth living. Otherwhile, people’s serving applications must include education, health, security, landscape, must be the comprehensive solutions ... and should be applied on a digital platform, the internet platform.

Smart city that digitized on the internet platform

Data sources built with access software will help to operate the city efficiently and dynamically.

How to make a smart and creative urban area

Our approach is to incorporate the design company into the technology company platform. Currently, Thanh Nam Company and TPIZI.COM Technology Company have worked closely together to create value chain technology and urban digital map. By application the software will help investors manage the company. Especially, TPIZI will effectively assist for agents and salers in salling and management of houses, villas and apartments.

The construction and storage of digital data will be the method of database management to help urban management and the residents inside when the project is put into operation.

Several cities, projects that has been digitized and using technology

Thanh Nam Construction Consultant JSC not only supports the investors in enhancing the image of the brand but also help in improving management and sales effectiveness, thus bringing more value to the investors in business and project development efficiency. We are actively implementing projects for large urban areas such as Hoa Phat Urban in Hung Yen (200 hectares), FPT City in Danang (180 hectares), urban areas of foreign corporations like Ausreal (Australia) in Hanoi, digitizing city plans for the People's Committee of Vung Tau City.

One of the urban areas that was digitized and effective in serving the sale.

Practical experience in deployment

Just right from the stage of planning design, architectural design for the project, the data is considered and digitized for a comprehensive service the works of the investor, such as: construction management, real estate sales and management and comprehensive business management including the efficient management of households in the project.

The deployment practical experience is that it should be applied early, just right from the start of the project’s design stage, the consulting company and the technology company must collaborate with the developer for effective design, then the full design of digital content transmission for the construction work, then put into operation to bring real effects for the management the infrastructure later.

Sales is also greatly supported by digitization, and the fact that the owner from the manager to the salesman, the agencies are applied to the way of business productivity, efficiency and very first Compared to conventional business practices

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