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Hanoi expansion takes effect

At a meeting of the new municipal legislature today, people will be named to major posts like the mayor, deputy mayors and legislative chairperson. The government said on its website yesterday there would be eight deputy mayors at most. Last month the Politburo said Pham Quang Nghi, the Hanoi Communist Party leader, would remain the chief after the expansion. The new city has been formed by merging Hanoi with Ha Tay Province and parts of Vinh Phuc and Hoa Binh provinces. The city will expand to 3.6 times its current size of 922 square kilometers. Its population will double to 6.2 million. The so-called "capital region" will also be formed soon. This will be a 13,500-square-kilometer region including Hanoi and seven neighboring provinces. Hanoi itself will form the "nucleus" of the capital region, with the provinces forming the "counterbalance." The National Assembly approved the expansion last May following heated debate.

The new administration also has the task of unifying regulations followed in the different regions that are being merged.
Officials said they were yet to make decisions in this regard. For instance, a new business used to need five days to get a license in Hanoi, but seven to 10 days in Ha Tay.
The official prices of land too were different in Hanoi and Ha Tay, an official said.
"There are several property projects under way in both Hanoi and Ha Tay. So what will be the compensation paid to evicted residents?" He warned it might prove difficult to resolve complaints.

Other changes
Preliminary statistics reveal that around 650,000 family identity books would have to be changed. Officials said the task would take two years. Around 2.2 million personal identity cards will also have to be altered, and will take four years.
More people will be placed on the job, authorities have promised. License plates of certain vehicles will have to be changed.
Until late yesterday the work of shifting government offices was going on. Authorities have already made public their new locations and phone numbers.
City officials said they would have to travel an additional 10 kilometers to go to work as they have to commute between Hanoi and Ha Tay.
The city expansion plan was originally scheduled for July but the government delayed it so that it could be "most ready."  

28-July-2008 Four urban projects Thach phuc,ThachThat, QuocOai, ChuongMy.
The projects was approved from Prime Mister date 25 July 2008, in Documents 1193/TTg-KTN. In this projects, Thanhnam Company designed 1/2000 & 1/500 scale for project Thach That with area 1413 hecta and basic design for all project.

Thanhnam joint with Archipel in Orange Garden Project, Ha tay Province. The project is 65ha with high standard villa, restaurant, hotel... along Lang- Hoa Lac high road, 10 km to Hanoi. Adjacency, there are many interresting projects like Bac An Khanh- Korea, Son Dong Project, Van Canh University...

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