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Co Nhue Urban Project

In the west of Hanoi, in Co Nhue commune and nearby Pham Van Dong street. Total land is 17,6 hecta with land for apartment area over 80.000m2. The area of villas in project over 2,4 hecta. Thanhnam Consulting & Construction designed include Master planning, Infra-structure, apartment technical design and villas design. The project at the moment nearly finish road and infrastructure system. Apartment is uder construction. With many nearby project as West of West Lake project, Hanoi Diplomatic, Diplomatic City..., Co Nhue Project is very lurative for clients.

Co Nhue new urban area in Co Nhue Commune, Tu Liem District, Hanoi has a total area of ​​17.6 ha, located in front of Pham Van Dong Boulevard, invested by Nam Cuong Group. The nature of the project is the first urban area of ​​Nam Cuong Group in Hanoi. Urban area is expected to serve 1,900 inhabitants. This is an advantageous urban area located in the west of Hanoi city center, to the east and northeast by the residential area of ​​Co Nhue commune, in the west next to Pham Van Dong road (Thang Long highway) to Noi Bai International Air port. Surrounding the area is Pham Van Dong, Hoang Quoc Viet and 69 road - the area is very convenient for transportation and the road system in this area is completely new construction. should meet the needs of a new modern urban.

Perspective of the project

Apartment block under the project

Planning ground

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