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Application of information technology in management Vung Tau urban area

With many challenges due to urbanization and urban management, Vung Tau Urban Management Department has cooperated with Institute of Construction Management and Urban Management, Tpizi Software Technology Company in the project "Application of Information Technology in Urban Management" to improve the management capacity of urban planning and management for management agencies, towards smart urban construction and improvement the citizen quality.

The speed of Vung Tau City urbanization, especially in Southern of the Airport, has been very rapid in recent years. By 2015, the whole city has about 95,000 houses with a total area of ​​8,000,000 m2, the average housing area is 80 m2 per house, about 500 households do not have houses.

In parallel with that process, in the past five years the situation of violation of land management order built in the city has not only been restrained but also increased with increasing scale and nature, Overload in management also puts a lot of pressure on management staff. In the city there were 2,647 cases of violation of construction order (1,461 administrative decisions, 766 cases of enforcement, 621 cases of non-enforcement cases), land violations There were 143 cases, of which 142 cases were still in process.

Leaders of Vung Tau City with the Institute of Management and the experts of

In the report on the project "Capacity Building for Urban Management" on October 11 in front of the Chairman of the City People's Committee and related departments,'s solution in digitizing and providing information on the construction planning as well as technical infrastructure management system of Vung Tau City and some solutions of consultancy units have been presented. Participants in the meeting agreed on the necessity and urgency of the project implementation, including the introduction of transparent planning information to the people, and improved management of infrastructure. To promote administrative reform through the deployment of online public services.

Vung Tau City People's Committee has a meeting with the Institute and Tpizi Company

Phase 1 of the work includes reviewing the entire planning, assessing the city's urban realities and digitizing urban planning drawings. The urbanization of the first phase will serve the planning management and construction licensing in some urban areas. Phase 2 will digitize infrastructure for urban management such as traffic, electricity, water supply, environment ... These problems will be solution by Tpizi. Presented at the meeting and has met well and received great appreciation from the representatives of the Department of Information and Communications, Department of Science and Technology, Vung Tau People's Committee.

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